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Alan Stott & Mike Osborn are pillars in the Pike Place Market community. Having spent their entire adult lives working in the Market, they've committed to maintaining the essence of Pike Place since taking ownership in the 90s, Sosio's has become the produce stand for Seattleites and Market visitors who want personalized guidance from local experts with the highest quality local produce in the city.​


Sosio's Fruit and Produce was founded in 1943, with it's roots firmly entrenched in the American Dream. The stand is named after Sosio Manzo, the first immigrant farmer to sell his produce at the high tables when the market was still young. Sosio's carries on the tradition of providing local produce with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.​


From regular shoppers who make their weekly trip to the market, to locals who have their regular order shipped to their home, to visitors who regularly have their orders shipped to them across the country, Sosio's continues to deliver on it's mission to provide "old school" high quality customer service with the highest quality produce. 

By shopping at Sosio's, customers are also supporting the Pike Place Market Foundation.


Founded in 1982, the Market Foundation is considered one of the top social services in the country, offering a wide array of services throughout the region. Sosio's is heavily invested in supporting the Market Foundation. 

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Credit: Pike Place Market Foundation


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Sosio's produce is meticulously chosen by crop grower, not warehouse provider. Get expertly picked produce unlike any grocery store you might be used to.

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A wide variety of organic produce with the highest taste profiles. When an organic crop outperforms it's counterparts, Sosio's carries it.

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Feeling adventurous? Sosio's is always brining in exciting produce to push your boundaries!

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Whenever the best of the crop is local, shop confidently knowing Sosio's is carrying it.

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